The Cowboy's Digest first began in 1972 as a marketing tool for the Kalispell Livestock Auction and was a small single page folded. At that time it was called the Kalispell Livestock Weekly News.

In 1974 the newsletter changed to a newspaper format, and was published as the Kalispell Livestock Weekly News for many years.

In October, 1987 the first issue of Cowboy's Digest was published. Initially it was printed 17 times annually. By 1991 the two publications joined and the Kalispell Livestock Weekly News name changed to "The Rancher".

Today the Cowboy's Digest still maintains this format. But is published 24 times a year. It is directly mailed to subscribers throughout the northwestern United States and Canada.

The Cowboy's Digest is the front portion of the paper. It covers all aspects of rodeo and promotes the western lifestyle.

The Rancher is the back portion of the paper and continues to carry market reports and promote the farming and ranching industry.

July, 2004 also marked another milestone for the Cowboy's Digest as it developed this web site and now offers web subscriptions as an additional feature for readers. Web subscriptions are offered for just $1/month ($12 annually).

The summer of 2005 was the introduction of the Guest Sites and in March 2007 the on-line Cowboy Classifieds were added

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